Dozens of churches across the Bay Area (and the country) are joining together to proclaim that our unity in Christ is greater than the country’s divisive social and political climate. The people of God are not defined by political affiliations, ethnic backgrounds, citizenship status, socio-economic class or any other earthly distinction. We are:


Participating Churches

Series Outline

The series is designed as a six-week overview of the Kingdom of God throughout Scripture, though individual churches may shorten it if necessary. During each week, we will focus on the theological foundations for the unity of the Kingdom of God while making applications to our current political environment. The goal is not to instruct people on how to vote or form their political opinions. Rather, the hope is to provide a theological vision for how the church can be a unified voice of good news in an unprecedented politically divided country.

Complete consolidated outline with graphics and supplemental videos AVAILABLE HERE. Google drive with all resources available here (request access). 



God’s creation reveals his character and people are given the charge to reflect and represent Him. They are called to work together in order to bless the world.

Primary Texts: Genesis 1-2


God’s people are called out from Egypt to be a new kind of community. Their primary calling was to be distinct from the nations around them.

Primary Texts: Exodus 19


The prophets criticized God’s people for not exemplifying justice & righteousness. God sent them into exile in order to transform their character so they could bless the world.

Primary Texts: Isaiah 5, Jeremiah 29


Jesus’s kingdom is proclaimed within the Jewish leaders and the Roman empire. He is their center – the kingdom of God is unified through their relationship with Him. Jesus offers a “third way” when faced with divisive earthly issues.

Primary Texts: Mark 12, John 17


The church formed her identity in the midst of the Roman empire. The church is a spiritual entity and must be wary of amassing earthly power. Her call is to speak up for and lay down her life for the vulnerable. 

Primary Texts: Romans 13, 1 Peter 3, 1 Corinthians 13


Our future hope lies in the coming of Jesus, not any political, social or economic plan. Our efforts on earth must line up with our eternal destination which is characterized by unity and peace.

Primary Texts: Revelation 22